National Convention Day One

What an experience! Today was the first day of Grand Chapter and it went by so quickly. We got through most of the amendments to the National Constitution, and we are learning so much about parliamentary procedure through it. More to come in the rest of the week! (I will try to upload pictures eventually!)

For more frequent updates, check out !

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Parliamentary Procedure Hangout: Take 2 - Google+

Parli Pro Review! It’ll be recorded on put on YouTube, if anyone needs to see it before Grand Chapter/Convention! Six days left!

It's Time to Pack

7 days! Hope to see you all there!

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Ten Days Until Convention!

Can’t wait to meet hundreds of Brothers and share ideas!

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Any chapters out there do paddles? How exactly does that work? Any and all help would be appreciated!

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Any other chapters out there (preferably some of the older ones) having trouble making family trees? I had no idea twenty years of history would be such a struggle… ?

Chapter Award winners (L-R)

Chapter Service Key : Courtney Connelly

Outstanding Scholarship and Outstanding Fellowship : Devin White

Spirit of Phi Sigma Pi : Julie Weigand

Outstanding Leadership : Jordan Elder

Congratulations to these wonderful Brothers!

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Happy graduation day to some of our Beta Kappa seniors!! We wish you the best on your future endeavors, and we will miss you next year :)

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This year, Beta Kappa gave out the Chapter Service Key to Vice President Courtney Connelly! Courtney served as the Vice President during the 2013-2014 school year and has been a dedicated Brother for 4 1/2 years. Congratulations and best wishes in your future! 

March 30, 2014 - Eboard Elections!

This past Sunday, Beta Kappa elected their Executive Board for next year. While there are two returners (Amber and Brittany), there’s also some new faces! It’ll be exciting to see how this group of people work together and help run the Chapter!

The new E-board is…

  • President - Amber Hackler
  • Vice President - Brittany Zaremba
  • Recording Secretary - Brian Gibbs
  • Corresponding Secretary - Carleigh Isbell
  • Treasurer - Amy Lee
  • Historian - Elisabeth Noil
  • Initiate Advisor - Alex Cater
  • Initiate Advisor - Drew Williamson

Congratulations to our new Executive Board!! We are confident you’ll do amazing things in the upcoming year!