After a beautiful day and shutout win over NC State, the Brothers of Beta Kappa got to work cleaning our precious Death Valley! Brothers stayed 2.5 hours after the game ended and cleaned an entire side of the stadium (~40,000 seats). We found some *interesting* objects (Legos, anyone?) but most of all we gave back to our community, raised some chapter funds, and had a chance to hang out with Brothers!

Happy graduation day to some of our Beta Kappa seniors!! We wish you the best on your future endeavors, and we will miss you next year :)

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Monday September 30, 2013 - Big/Little Reveal! 

For this semester’s Big/Little Reveal, each Brother was given a ball of yarn to weave around the room. At the starting point, they posted a sticky note with the name of their Little and then stood at the other end, waiting for their Little to follow the path to them. After much untangling, unwinding and unweaving, eventually each Little made their way across the room to meet their Big!!

Beta Kappa is hosting our first ICR event in years — so exciting! We want everyone near us to come, but we also welcome those from further away. The Brothers of Beta Kappa will be housing guests (but space is limited, so first come, first served). 

The Vault is hella cool. It used to be a banking center 50+ years ago but when it shut down it was renovated into a venue space. The owners literally blew a hole in the wall, so now the entrance to the venue is through the vault door— as in, the party is held where the money used to be kept! 

The registration packet should be sent out this week to chapters in the Mid-South and Mid-Atlantic region, but if you’re from a chapter outside of those and want to receive a copy of the registration packet for your chapter email Beta Kappa’s ICR chair, Kat Clark, at 


For more PSP memes, go to Zeta Epsilon’s Facebook page!

Reblogging this because this is a great group photo of Beta Kappa.

- From last year’s First Friday parade

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I really wish I had been in this picture and not the one who took it. Still, it’s one of my favorite pictures from Phi Sigma Pi ever. This really is my home. 


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Tuesday September 11, 2012 - Pre-Rush Casino Night Event

The Brothers of the Beta Kappa Chapter held a Casino Night for the potential new members (with, alas, no real prizes). Brothers could choose to either wear their neon rush shirts or wear fancy casino attire. Everyone looked fantastic!

Great job to everyone that put together this event! And thanks Wesley for taking the photos! 

More pictures from the Casino Night! Thanks again to Brother Wesley for taking photos!

Tuesday September 4, 2012 - Pre-Rush Speed Dating Event

In order for the potential new members to get to know the Brothers of Beta Kappa the Initiation Committee held a Speed Dating Event! It was a lot of fun meeting all of the new people that came out and getting to talk about how much fun it is to be in Phi Sigma Pi! Thanks go to Brother Wesley for taking photos!