On September 25, 2014, Beta Kappa pinned 7 awesome initiates!! We’re very excited to begin their process! Welcome, Alpha Pi Class! :)

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Adventures in Closed Rush, part 1

This semester, Beta Kappa is trying closed rush. If you don’t know what that means (we didn’t either, until our President explained it), we had Brothers nominate potential new members based on who they thought would be a perfect fit for us, or people that rushed previously and didn’t make final vote. We have around 6 potential initiates right now, and we’re 2 events into rush So far it seem to be working out well. It allows us to get to know our Brothers better while still allowing for new members; the initiate class isn’t going to be enormous and they can spend more time learning from the chapter; and we don’t need as many rush events (which are lovely but it took up a lot of our resources). In the future, I will make more posts about the differences in open and closed rush! :)

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On September 5th 2014, Clemson University held its 40th First Friday parade! First Friday is the Friday before the first home football game of the season. Greek organizations and clubs can walk a spot in the parade and this year, Beta Kappa sent a few Brothers to represent us (in new shirts)! 

It’s almost that time!

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Even though Fresh is pretty notorious within our chapter, it didn’t feel real to acknowledge that one of our own Alumni was serving on National Council. Now he’s the National President, serving as a role model and leader for all of Phi Sigma Pi. 

It wasn’t said, but he probably knows that this really meant a lot to the Beta Kappa delegation. He’d never met us before, but just being from the same chapter was enough to make him reach out to us like this before our first Grand Chapter meeting ever (the entire BK delegation was new to National Convention this year). That is what Phi Sigma Pi is about, and it’s very comforting to know that our new National President lives our ideals every day.

After three days of making history and amending the amendment to the amendment, we celebrated the end of #pspnc14 by having a giant dance party!
Besides being ridiculously fun, this was the best opportunity for Brothers to just have *fun*. We had been cautiously meeting each other all week, but this was the chance for us to really connect with Brothers from all over the country, despite our rivalries and geographical distance.

Brothers are We, forever <3

Photo credit: former Vice President of Philanthropy Development and dance master, Kyle Williams

EDIT: the decision about the National Philanthropy was to phase it out slowly and see where we are in a year. Chapters are more than welcome to support local philanthropies, continue to support TFA, or do both. In a year, Grand Chapter will decide if we will make our own philanthropy in the field of education, pick another National Philanthropy altogether, or continue a loose alliance with TFA. (I probably messed this up. I will go back through the amendments and make another edit if necessary)

National Convention Day One

What an experience! Today was the first day of Grand Chapter and it went by so quickly. We got through most of the amendments to the National Constitution, and we are learning so much about parliamentary procedure through it. More to come in the rest of the week! (I will try to upload pictures eventually!)

For more frequent updates, check out twitter.com/pspbetakappa !

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Parliamentary Procedure Hangout: Take 2 - Google+

Parli Pro Review! It’ll be recorded on put on YouTube, if anyone needs to see it before Grand Chapter/Convention! Six days left!

It's Time to Pack

7 days! Hope to see you all there!

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Ten Days Until Convention!

Can’t wait to meet hundreds of Brothers and share ideas!

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